The highest beauty over the sea of Capri


Hotel Scalinatella
Capri, higher

How do you make Capri even more magical?
By entering Scalinatella: 5 star luxury Hotel by the sea,
with as much privacy as you want, just a few steps
from the Piazzetta.

You'll remember the day when you unlocked
a treasure chest of wonders:
when you arrive at Scalinatella and discover
a world tailor-made to your desires.


At lunch and dinner, the sea of Capri as an accompaniment

Ristorante Scalinatella
Ristorante Scalinatella

At dinner time, Casa Morgano restaurant
is an exciting sensory experience,
with the aromas, flavours and view of Capri.

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Inside, beauty
Mediterranean style elevated to living pleasure. This is what awaits you in the rooms and suites. It's the design of the rooms, combined with Capri antiques. It's the terraces overlooking the sea of Capri.

Outside, Capri
Two swimming pools overlooking the bay of Marina Piccola. The garden. The restaurant that makes every lunch and dinner unforgettable. It's your holiday in Capri, at Hotel Scalinatella.

It's the memories you'll make here, in your room overlooking the sea of Capri, in the exquisite restaurant, in the swimming pool overlooking the bay of Marina Piccola, while you relax, and every moment of your holiday.

Hotel Scalinatella. Capri, higher.

Famiglia Scalinatella
Nicolino Morgano, Carmen, Andrea

It’s always been Capri

In the 1950s, the Nicolino Morgano family
would host the world's most demanding and sophisticated travellers.

And so it is today: Nicolino, Carmen and Andrea Morgano
will welcome you with the highest levels of hospitality.

This is demonstrated by the Condé Nast Traveler awards,
which twice placed Scalinatella at the top of the world's best hotels.

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